Update on the Ongoing Hiatus

Hey friends, so as you all know, a few months ago our programmer Melo had some medical issues that forced us into a hiatus. I figured it was only right to keep you all in the loop on where things currently are, there's a general post here on our Patreon that we made publicly available.

That said, to summarize, we have a new programmer working for us for the time being, the end isn't really in sight, but we're still trucking along and working towards getting through these walls life is setting in our way to come back and kick ass and take names... we're just gonna take a little longer doing that than is intended.

I hope you all will still be with us when we do, and I'm looking forward to when we can continue telling our story.

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I love this little universe you've created. So I'll just chime in and wish you all well! It all helps a little, no matter if it doesn't change the outcome much.

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take all the time you need


as long as you keep people on the loop, no one is gonna complain about delays, we appreciate the clarity, that said, i hope things get better for you all, it's a rough time for a lot of us out there, so stay strong


You're keeping us informed of things, and that's something that is appreciated. The story has been great so far, and I don't doubt that what you will have by the time the hiatus is over will be more than worth the wait/


Take your time, if waiting can lead to a good end, the wait is worth it


Waiting is worth it so don't worry about it.


Don't worry I'll still be here when you guys return from Hiatus, take as much time as you need your true fans will wait! 


hey getting a new person ramped up on a project in progress takes time and energy - totally understandable.